Tips for cooking and baking

Cooking brings joy and self-baked bread or cakes represent the warmth of home.

The use of fresh and naturally gluten-free ingredients is a guarantee of an impeccable result.

You can prepare healthy and inexpensive meals for your loved ones and, last but not least, for yourself with your own hands.

Before you start - read the recipe carefully and prepare all the ingredients in the quantities provided.

Fresh ingredients such as milk, eggs, butter, margarine, yoghurt etc should be at room temperature, so take them out of the fridge at least half an hour beforehand.

In contrast, for the preparation of shortcrust pastry or savoury cakes, use the ingredients chilled.

Unless otherwise stated in the recipe, preheat the oven to the required temperature.

When baking bread, it is advisable to put a container with a little water in the oven to create steam.

Dried yeast is an active yeast that can be mixed directly into the flour. Fresh yeast, on the other hand, should be dissolved with a teaspoon of sugar in a glass half-filled with lukewarm water before being added to the flour.

A dough kneader or hand beater will simplify the work. If you do not have these kitchen aids, it takes 'strength and patience' to work the dough into a smooth and even consistency.

It is recommended to cover the bread dough and yeast dough with a cloth during the rising period to protect it from draughts and to prevent it from drying out on the surface, which would prevent it from rising.

If you want to test whether the cake is done, open the oven before the end of the baking time and stick a skewer into the dough, which must not stick to the dough when you take it out.

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Good luck and - most importantly - enjoy!

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